The Perfect Accessories for Your Wedding - 7 Items you Cannot Do Without

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Your wedding day is knocking on your door and you are finalizing your D-day dress details. It is normal to get a little jittery at this point, concluding on one design now and changing it the very next moment. You will probably go through an array of dress designs, listen to celeb designer interviews and discuss your confusion with almost everyone who has been there, done that. Worry not as long as you do not experience a wardrobe malfunction. As far as the tiny touch-ups are concerned, you can always rely on the accessories that you adorn.

Long Beaded Chain                                                                                 

If you want to impress your lady love on this day, the neck-wear is a must. You may not be much of an ornament lover, but for this special day, say yes to the beaded chain. A long chain with beads or pearl will not just add to the charm of your Jodhpuri, but also impart a regal charm to your personality.


Let us not forget the age-old brooch adorned by yesteryear Maharajas and princesses on a daily basis. Whether you opt for a gaudy one or a simple one, depends on your Sherwani and of course, your preference.


There is no denying the importance of an attractive pair of shoes in an Indian wedding. After all, who can ignore the famous ‘juti’ theft custom prevalent among the bride’s families. Notwithstanding, a deck up cannot be complete without a pair of shoes.


You are wearing an aristocratic Jodhpuri and wondering whether cufflinks will go with them or not. Well, these days, Jodhpuris do come with the option to wear cuff links. So, why should you stay behind? Amp up your x-factor with a smart looking crystal member from this accessory family and watch how it impresses.


Complement your attire with a ‘pagdi’ or turban. Studded with Swarovski or having a simple overall look, this accessory from the traditional Indian dressing style is a must-have in today’s wedding. You can either opt for a beaded chain to adorn it from the side or attach a brooch on the top to sport the real royal look.


A ‘kirpan’ or a sword is the perfect reflection of a kingly grandiose. Carry it on your side to complement your wedding dress and add majesty to your personality. Sword carrying during one’s wedding has been a prevalent practice in the Indian custom and tradition. Add it to your line of accessories and watch how everyone gazes at you.

Pocket Square

Get classy and dignified with a small piece of shining cloth peeping from the topmost pocket of your Jodhpuri or Achkan. A contrasting colour from that of the attire is going to work wonders for your overall appearance.

Here here! Accessories can add the courtly look you are craving for. So, instead of fidgeting about the stitch here and the button there, concentrate on the addition to your dress. Trust me! You will not regret. 

Latest update: 26/11/2016

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